Freelance Designer, Mandy Mullins

Graphic Designer by Day...

...And usually by night too :) I've been designing for about seven years and I'm really glad I got into this field. I've always been interested in anything creative (writing, drawing, choreography, acting, playing guitar and even a recent stint in ballroom dancing) but discovered my love for graphic design as a student at Western Kentucky University. I got my bachelor of Arts in Advertising from Western and went on to work as a designer for an incentive company in Chicago for a few years.

My Louisville roots ultimately brought me back to this fine city, the summer of 2010. I decided to make my living as a freelancer and developed Mandy Mullins Design. Visit for a look into the business side of my work.

I got into the wedding scene a couple of years ago when a co-worker asked me to design her save-the-dates. It was the most enjoyable project I had worked on in quite some time. I began doing more wedding pieces for other friends and MM Invitations was born.

The picture is of me and my niece, Kate, at a wedding. Not my own. I've yet to make the leap myself.